The Veridos Matsoukis SA family sadly announces the sudden passing of Efthimios Matsoukis on June 21, 2020.

The funeral service will be held at the Cemetery of Kaisariani on Friday, 26.06.2020 at 11.30 a.m.

In lieu of flowers, the family kindly asks that contributions be sent to the Organization “Hamogelo tou Paidiou”.

On Friday 26.06.2020 the Veridos Matsoukis company will remain closed.

•New investment to extend production capacity for state-of-the-art identity documents
• 55 new skilled jobs expected to be created at world class facility
• Demonstrates EIB support for foreign direct investment in Greece

Printing of secure identity documents in Greece will be expanded following agreement of a new EUR 11 million 10 year loan with the European Investment Bank by Veridos Matsoukis S.A., a leading printer of secure documents.

The EIB financing will support more than EUR 23 million of new investment at Veridos Matsoukis’ Athens site dedicated to increase production capacity for passports, identity cards and other official documents for governments using latest security features, crucial for reducing identity fraud. The first ever EIB support for Veridos Matsoukis was formally signed in Athens earlier today by Efthimios Matsoukis, Managing Director of Veridos Matsoukis and Peter Jacobs, Head of the European Investment Bank Investment Team for Greece.

“Veridos Matsoukis is a...

Made in Greece, are the high quality and reliability tachographs used by the Belgian Ministry of Transport. The tachographs are produced by Veridos Matsoukis S.A., located at Agii Anargyroi, which focuses the last two years on printing of high-security documents, while from 2009 to 2015 the production of the tachographs took place in Munich, Germany.

Last week, the relevant contract with the Belgian Institute for Road Transport and Logistics (L 'Institut Transport routier & Logistique Belgique), which is under the Brussels Transport Ministry, was extended until 2019.

It is important to mention, that the delivery of the tachograph to the address of the professional driver takes place within 48 hours, after it has been ordered. In the previous contract the delivery limit was 4 days. There are 25,000 tachographs delivered in Belgium Annually.

The Re-certification of Veridos Matsoukis S.A. has been successfully completed in accordance with the international standard ISO 14298 - Central Bank Level - , which refers to the printing of high security documents such as passports, identity cards, driving licenses, etc.

The Certification concerns to the possibility of printing of security documents, which are a special printing product and is carried out under the supervision of INTERGRAF (the International Confederation of Printing and Related Industries) based in Belgium.

According to International Standard ISO 14298, the procedures which have to be followed by the security printers are defined, so that to ensure that documents are not only designed to avoid counterfeiting, but that the production of those documents is carried out in security and controlled environment with absolute qualitative and quantitative monitoring of the produced products.
Which means, that through the certified procedures, there is a continuous full control...

“Know thyself” – “In medio virtus / All in good measure” – “Nothing in excess”- “The tongue should not run ahead of the mind” – “I am getting older, but I’m always being taught a lot” – “A honest political man must, when he leaves the power, to leaves not richer, but most glorious”. A journey in History and Knowledge from the Hellenic Post's New Commemorative Series of Postage Stamps on "Seven Wise Men of Antiquity", whose design, made by the engraving method, was edited by the Professor of Engraving of the School of Fine Arts, Mr. Yiannis Gourzis. The Seven Wise Men, who lived and gave their knowledge and experience in the 6th and 7th centuries B.C., are a milestone in the history of ancient Greece. They are those who have begun to question the established old axioms and to seek to understand the mystery of existence in order to answer fundamental questions that concern the man, even today. The new set of postage stamps by the Hellenic Post, was printed on July 27th by our company and...

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