Integrated Management System

Quality and Security in Veridos Matsoukis is top priority and form the foundation of all we do. 

This applies to all the activities of the value chain, from purchasing to sales and to our entire product and service portfolio.


Our Integrated Management System is a platform that we use to ensure compliance with International Standards for:

-   Quality of Products and Services offered to our customers, in accordance with the principles of ISO 9001

-   Security of the Printing related Processes, in accordance with the principles of ISO 14298 and the special requirements of Intergraf.

-   Environmental Protection for the benefit of the company, its employees, the society and all other interested parties, in accordance with principles of ISO 14001

-   Security of Information produced, stored and handled in the company, in accordance with the principles of the standard ISO 27001

-   Health and Safety of its employees and all affected parties, in accordance with the principles of OHSAS 18001

-   IT Services provided, in accordance with the principles of ISO 20000-1

The Veridos Matsoukis Integrated Management System is audited and verified by independent certification bodies to prove conformity to the ISO International standards, laws and regulatory requirements.

ISO 14298 Central Bank Level
Management of Security Printing Processes
Intergraf Certificate
CWA 15374:2005 Supplier to the Security Printing Industry
Common Criteria Certificate
ΕΑL 5+
ISO 9001:2008
Quality Management Systems
ISO 14001:2004
Environmental management systems
ISO 27001:2005
Information security management systems
OHSAS 18001:2007
Occupational Health and Safety Management
ISO 20000 2019-2021
Service Management Systems
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